In-Design Assignment

nse flyer

Here is my beautiful NSE Flyer for my Adobe in-Design Assignment. Did it without using any tutorials, just in case you were wondering.


End of Term

It is the end of the Fall Semester and I have learned that I know nothing. Hooray for me.

In some sense, this is a good thing since before I didn’t even know that.

I am officially on the next level, this is the level of acknowledgement of my ignorance, now I can focus on getting better.

It is always best to keep a positive mindset, and to take projects one step at a time, which lessens the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I am happy I have become more familiar with Adobe design programs, which will come in handy in my career in advertising. I know it’s a big thing these days to be well-rounded. God, how I long for the days of martini breaks and smoking in the workplace. Although I would enjoy neither, one must admit they were simpler times.

It seems back then we were allowed to be just writers. Idea people. These days, the writer must also have dabbled in design, in typeface, in everything. After being a jack of all trades, then comes the writing. First prove we can do everything. That is how it seems.

I guess, like journalism, the field of copywriting is a becoming obsolete. I must be chasing a dream again.

But I know the basics of adobe now. I know that the hardest part is turning on the program without a bias towards being overwhelmed. Creativity can be my sword, adobe, my shield. I need to create a proper portfolio soon.

Experiencing this class, I have tested the waters and now can get started.


This is the video I have had my eye on imitating since I came up with my Feature Report Project. The content of this piece is irrelevant. It is three minutes long, has a voice-over, plenty of b-roll, and something almost resembling the interview I need, but not quite.

It’s rhythm is just like a well-written article. How it begins with a close-up, almost an abstract level of a close-up of the waves, with the voice-over starting not with the subject’s name, but building curiosity with an immediate monologue articulating the theme of the video. The slow motion and the music creates an interesting rhythm similar to that I hope to achieve. This Vice mini feature thrives on the ramblings of an articulate person, and uses masterfully to build momentum with the help of some light background music, and has its own climax and what feels like a resolution in the end.

It is simply, in my opinion, superb. This is what I am going for.

Here is Vice’s Moving Portraits, Title Shots: Conor McGregor.