Tomorrow we are shamefully late in beginning the shooting of what is up until now to be named; “Moving Landscapes,” a mini documentary/feature about the mind and method of the visual artist. The video I envision creating, the overwhelming ambitiousness of it, seems like what a noob mountaineer would probably feel at the foot of Mt. Everest knowing he will have to climb to the top as the leader on his own expedition.
You see, I have never thought of myself as that much of a leader, or in these terms, a director. I always felt more like the talent. Like the Russian Ballet dancers exploited for their ability to stand on their toes so that they go home with oozing, puss-filled blisters gauzed-up in their slippers every night, while getting paid beans.
But in these days, collaboration is everything. And when no one has any ideas, we must be the ones to seek others out for collaboration, and then direct until our vision is achieved. Life is a constant struggle, it seems. It would be sad to die and have struggled with nothing left behind to show for it. This is why the artist’s job, to pass on ever-lasting beauty, is among the only jobs worth my full passion.


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