This is the video I have had my eye on imitating since I came up with my Feature Report Project. The content of this piece is irrelevant. It is three minutes long, has a voice-over, plenty of b-roll, and something almost resembling the interview I need, but not quite.

It’s rhythm is just like a well-written article. How it begins with a close-up, almost an abstract level of a close-up of the waves, with the voice-over starting not with the subject’s name, but building curiosity with an immediate monologue articulating the theme of the video. The slow motion and the music creates an interesting rhythm similar to that I hope to achieve. This Vice mini feature thrives on the ramblings of an articulate person, and uses masterfully to build momentum with the help of some light background music, and has its own climax and what feels like a resolution in the end.

It is simply, in my opinion, superb. This is what I am going for.

Here is Vice’s Moving Portraits, Title Shots: Conor McGregor.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. In terms of the class project, there is no standup and no voice over. Your talent doing the standup has to do the voice over. In this video, if the fighter does a standup at the beginning and at the end, then all of the elements would be there.


  2. Good observation. I will have both a closing and opening stand up, although I don’t want to necessarily edit the opening stand up into the beginning of the video. That part should appear a little after the subject has created interest, and then the stand up comes in later. However, I’ll make a copy that has the stand up right in the beginning for class submission if it’s necessary.


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