About Me

In the beginnings of our civilization, we simplified natural phenomena. The stars for example, we were calling them Gods. The stars were actually Astraia in Ancient Greece. She was a celestial virgin, there weren’t too many fish in the sea in outer space. How simple yet intellectually unsatisfying. We started to ask questions.
As a curious species, the more we search, the less we find we actually knew.
Now, space and all the stars in it are the final frontier. They are mysterious and vast.
So is the mind.
So are people.
In this sense, if I pick a stranger from the side of the road and ask him to do this about me he would simply be more accurate than I could be.
If I were state my tastes, with all their exceptions, I would have to go back and edit them before I even finished, because they change so much.
All I can say for myself is that like everyone else, I am on the journey of finding my own identity.
Don’t judge too hard.


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