Pool Sharks

The Toomey Tools In-Class Assignment was a nice warm-up to the final project. It has allowed us to edit some nice footage, string the footage together while overlaying B-Roll, adjusting volume and adding lower-thirds.

Although this has allowed me to safely test the waters, I would now like to exclaim with a child’s imaginative horror that there are sharks in there and I refuse to go any further! 

But, like my entire childhood, I know someone is coming from behind me to throw me into the pool. Afterwards I will react indignantly.

In any case, there probably are no sharks in a pool where people swim. Looking back at those times, the water was probably just a little cold, and the situation overwhelming, so I naturally resisted.

That is where I stand now, once again; at the edge of the pool afraid to jump in because, at first, it is cold, I am making up wild excuses to put it off and am putting it all off again. The difference is now I am an adult. And I have realized that there are no sharks in pools. Time to jump in.


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