Thanksgiving Post

It was in this cold Starbucks where I now sit, clumsily typing with Miami-freezing fingers drunk on caffeine, where I came up with the idea for the script for my Chroma Key Project a few days ago. 

It was a feeler. A tongue-in-cheek attempt at buying more time while also testing the limits of creative expression in Jay’s RTV3260. Not the most tongue-in-cheek I can do, incidentally.

That’s not what I want to say here, however. I want to thank and congratulate the professor on giving his students the creative freedom to explore their projects and learn from them in the ways that benefit them the most.

Giving students the chance to execute their vision helps them become more invested in what they produce. It gives a sense of pride in their creative work. It’s like a the love a mother gives her child, versus her child’s friend when they hang out. She might make sure the kid is away from any imminent danger, but it’s not her baby and she’s not that invested so she probably just thinks that kid is annoying. 

Thank you, Professor Jay. 


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