Seasons Greetings

This is the time of the semester I wish would last forever. Instead of elegant 60’s vixens spreading free love to London, this is the time where all my classes start to become routine in a good way.

Everyone that you will meet you have already met. There’s no need for awkward introductions because you know where you stand with the people in the class. The assignments, such as this one, late at night thirty minutes before deadline an hour after a ten hour shift and no sleep all night, I am one with the keys and am clacking away frivolously and assuredly.

The weather is amazing, and changing excitingly enough that we as Miamians wear winter clothing seriously. We get to wear new jackets and layer clothing and have make our style a little more interesting. The only negative I can say is that my conniving ex-girlfriend took as hostage my favorite jacket and refuses to mail it back to me from Denver where she currently presides as a red eyed evil mistress of the dark and heartless.

People in this time seem to be more romantic. Or at least that is what I sense from my perspective. The holidays are here. Now they start airing the best commercials of the year besides the Super Bowl ones, which are always so over-produced anyway. I love seeing the polar bear ads from Coke, apparently they have doing them for a long time. My favorite commercials of the season, which I have no clue why as a self described discerning gentleman as myself I enjoy these simple things, are the Yellow Tail wine ads. They look so minimalist and 60’s and at once they portray an image as a story that lets me fill in my own details. Interpretation is what life is about.

So, yes, I am enjoying life right now. Then the semester will come to an end rapidly, and the next time I feel this comfort in my classes the weather will be hot and humid and I will be thinking about completely different things. Oh well.


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