On To the Next One

This week was a change of pace for the students of Jay’s 9 am RTV course. We had no assignment due this week, ostensibly.

This stillness is deceitful. It is frightening like the dark, which is not frightening in itself, but because of what lurks within its depths. This is essentially the calm before the storm. Or maybe this is the darkness before dawn.

On the face of things, the only assignment due this week was a re-do of the audio editing project. Being that I did so much clip splicing, sound correcting, plosive correction and general above and beyond-ness just for giggles I felt like resting on my laurels for just a week. My sound quality was graded as poor, however. I think I know what the problem was, my recording booth was idling, I just didn’t want to kill its feeble little battery and be stuck in a parking lot after midnight.

…So, now, like my ex-girlfriend said to me just after we broke up; “I’m on to the next one.”


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