Thoughts About the Still Image Project

Finally, my Still Image Project is finished. Almost a week late, but at least I got it out of me like I promised myself I would. It’s a major minor accomplishment. It was almost like I have OCD and if I didn’t finish it I would never end up amounting to anything in life and my mother would have been absolutely right about everything and that just doesn’t sit well with me.

So I finished the project amidst breaking up with my girlfriend of 2 years who moved away for art school only two months ago and already replaced me with the canvas, the pipe, and all the attention any beautiful mulatta woman would get when moving to a bleak and dreary-eyed place such as Denver. I hate Denver.

I also hate juggling a full-time commission based job and living an hour away from the only campus that would render my timeline into a video, and having Adobe CS5 Extended on my laptop which bait-and-switched me into thinking I could make a video slideshow with music.

The stress and anxiety of all these things piled onto me alone and hopped up on caffeine in a coffee shop in the last four hours of the Sunday night I was to turn in a draft of this assignment. I frantically scoured tutorials, desperately texted people for help in a seemingly dead zone and watched the sweating hours gush out of me like I just turned a gallon of milk upside down and popped the cap.

Sometimes, when you know you’re screwed, there’s a oneness you just arrive at. That was ten minutes before midnight, and everything seemed pointless, but okay, finally. I went outside, still within twenty feet of the door, bummed cigarette off of a random and we smoked quietly together before I left home and admitted my defeat hollowly over email.

Beyond all that noise, I wish the shot composition of these photos were way better. There’s one in particular that was blurry, but my hand shakes sometimes, which is the reason why I didn’t become a brain surgeon or a CIA sniper. At least I found a cool song from the project music already downloaded on the lab Mac. The music gives the slideshow interesting alien vibes a la X-Files, and the alien-ship-looking sculpture was perfectly complemented by this. I tried to give the slideshow an overall sense of motion, with the quick shots of a spinning UFO and the walking around the panther to have it roaring in our face when I dropped the hook about about “Knowledge,” but the execution and shot gathering was rushed this time and didn’t reflect the original intent.

Apart form all these creeps, I am glad to have learned the concepts of this project’s objectives and have all these stressors, at least for the moment, thousands of miles away.


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