Post Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment Blues

Professor Jay was right; our assignments will take longer than we think. This Adobe Photoshop In-Class Assignment was surprisingly intensive for me.

I felt Photoshop bullied me into doing what it wanted. Man is supposed to be smarter than machine, but this machine is more than that. It uses witchcraft. Even Superman isn’t immune to witchcraft. I’ve heard of the content aware fill before. But actually seeing it work before my eyes makes me question reality.

I should go to church and confess my sins for using it. The priest will tell me to do five Hail Mary’s and then God will forgive me. Although I don’t understand it, that is simple. Photoshop would demand ten different obscure sounding commands, ones that bend rules of grammar like “vibrance,” or make up entirely new words like “rasterize.” Apparently Photoshop is into etymology, too.

God works in mysterious ways. So does Photoshop.


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