Clone Stamp edited

The photo above originally had yellow caution tape flanking the sidewalk. That was removed with the content aware fill using the quick selection tool, and then it was touched up using the clone stamp tool.

DSC_0019 edited

This image needed to have an out-of-place looking pole with a sign on it removed. Once removed, it left a ghost silhouette of its image. That needed to be removed again with the content aware fill. That left an unyielding gap between the tension cord which secures the volley ball net. The cord was traced in painstakingly using the clone stamp tool. Finally, the image was auto-toned and auto-contrasted, however using the auto-color filter gave the image an sickly hue so it was left out.

DSC_0396 edited

This image was well shot. I only auto-corrected it to bring out the texture in the wall paper behind the subjects.

DSC_0425 editedThis image needed to be cropped to remove distraction from the focal points. The sign up top was left in the frame, however. It was kept to maintain the context of the photo while cropping. The image needed to be auto-corrected. Subtle adjustments were also made with the shadows to reveal the contents behind inside the building without making the photo look cartoonish.

IMG_1175 editedThis image was cropped to remove head room and also to correspond with the rule of thirds. It was also auto-corrected to make the image more pleasing.

IMG_1195 edited

The original of this photo was tragic. Such a beautiful scene yet un-photograph-able. Almost as if nature wants to resist being captured. The subject was too bright and the background was obscured.
But, using the witchcraft which is Photoshop, I corrected that by selecting around the figure of the woman and adjusting her vibrance. Then, with her color muted to match the background, I lightened the rest of the image. Auto-corrected everything, then selected the skies and changed the contrast and lightened it to make it appear natural.
Please God, don’t hate me.

IMG_1218 editedThis image was cropped on the sides where the foliage and building uniform and didn’t add anything. The same for the bottom. The top was left to incorporate those nice hanging leaves. Their natural blurriness and vertical lines adds a stimulating dynamism to the photo.

Finally, the photo was auto-corrected.

IMG_1345 editedThis photo was cropped to remove a sickly looking nearly naked man on the right who looked like he wandered into the frame from the nudist colony nearby. It was also auto-corrected to make the colors pop.

IMG_3739 editedThis image was cropped with the intention of having only three subjects which are given the same amount of focus. The two people and the sculpture. I even erased two people sitting behind the bushes and one man’s walking legs. It was also auto-corrected.

This image much more striking than before.

IMG_3742 edited

This image was cropped to make the scene seem more rural. It was auto-corrected, and then given a text layer which was beveled, then given an inner shadow. It was then overlay-ed with a a low-opacity rectangle shape to give the yellow text more contrast.

IMG_3743 editedThis image was very difficult to correct. Hence the text. I felt the photo looked good enough once the woman’s palm’s showed some detail.

The text was distorted to seem as though it was written on the bricks. Then it was given a drop shadow, an inner shadow, an inner glow, stroke and was beveled and embossed.

It was also cropped to remove distraction and head space.


img_1224 (1) edited


The original of this image had little color and was very bland. After supplementing the vibrance while dropping the saturation, the image began to take on life. To bring out details, I significantly lowered the highlights while raising the shadows.

img_1228 edited


This image was first cropped to make the scene feel more intimate. While maintaining the lushness and distance. It was auto-corrected, but the skies were still too washed out. The vibrancy and brightness/contrast was then adjusted to find the perfect balance of detail and color.


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