Hello audience,

This is how I imagine I will feel I look like for the next few weeks until this Shot Composition project is over.

And this is what I imagine my classmates might feel like using html to post to their blog on time for Sunday.

That clip reminds of of when I used to pump hours of unedited UK Hardcore into my headphones and blisteringly clack away at my keyboard at a coffee shop thinking I was some kind of post-punk mega hacker on an underground mission when in reality I was just fiddling with some design in my friend’s old website. Everyone did this.

I’d love to share a commendable website called W3Schools.com where I and a few other people I know have learned some languages for free. Here is a link on how to make a link to another tab in html.

Now, please excuse me while I finish reading this stimulating and well-composed tutorial covering the basics and some implications of composition and perspective.


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