My first post on WordPress. I can’t believe this website is free.

Like my cell phone and it’s ring tone, I still haven’t checked out the customizing options –I’m sure they’re just swell– but right now gotta focus on what’s first. Then comes “ownership.”

Just awoke from a nap, my body requires nutrients to proceed after recording these pressing thoughts violating my brainwaves unlike those beautiful images from a wet dream minutes ago. Lol jk my panties are dry.

Right now, I am listening to some Gramatik, Chillaxin by the Sea to be exact. It rids the mind of these un-Christian-like thoughts I usually experience upon awakening. Do you get them too? God save us all. 

Changing pace, today was a wonderful first day of classes for those Tuesday/Thursday students like myself. I liken the beginning of a semester to starting a new fiction book: you have just flipped open the page to a new world; time for an adventure!

Sometimes, however, you don’t like the way the book is turning out and you try to return it too late. But the spine is creased and it’s somehow already got a watermark. The book is obviously used and the clerk threatens to have security to escort you out if you don’t stop making a scene. 

You already paid for the book yet you can’t put it on your shelf. This is tragic. The ideal destiny, the Shangri-la of all literature is to be placed optimally high for average eye level and with advanced eye tracking research data being implemented it can hopefully be exactly positioned where one first looks when entering a room.

However, you can’t put a book on the shelf if you haven’t read it yet. This is an expensive lesson.





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